R O C K E T – M A S S – H E A T E R S

In recent years I became very interested in a cheap and sustainable heating system one could build oneself, the so called Rocket Mass Heater. Most part of the -mass- of the RMH (short for..) consists of sand, clay and stones/rocks. All very cheap materials.

Further more is it possible to make use of already used stuff and so recycle materials. The pipes for instance get buried in a bench in a thick mass of non-flammable materials the quality of the pipes is not important at all. The big metal bell shaped part is the inside of an old water boiler.
People have build Rockets for next to nothing.

The fascination for this system made me want to experience myself with these Rockets and I started building them, two so far. I’m in love. The only problem is that it seems pretty difficult to come of the heated bench ..

Cross section Rocket Mass Heater system
The 'stare in the flames feature' (-:

A little history

(text copied from the site of Erica & Ernie Wisner)

Rocket stoves are a type of fuel-efficient device, named in the 70’s, but dating back millenia in concept.
A super-hot chimney above the fire draws the flames sideways and up, blending hot fuel and air into a quick, hot, clean-burning fire that takes little wood, leaves little residue, and has lots of uses.

Variations on the same concepts include Fox-stoves or Badger-stoves, cooking Rocket Stoves, Dakota fire pits, traditional furnaces, kilns, modern incinerators, smokestacks, bell-stoves, and millions of humble tea-stoves and household hearths developed by resourceful people all around the world.
The Rocket Mass Heater takes this useful, clean-burning heat, adds a self-feeding wood box, and channels the exhaust through a masonry block to store touchable warmth for hours or days. (Masonry heat storage is also seen in Roman hypocausts, Chinese ‘kang’ stoves, European masonry heaters, and ancient masonry dwellings and hearths).